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I have introduced myself and provided you with a short summary of my life history, education, and my work experience.  Let me now speak to the heart of why I established Your Daytime Daughter.  “Our Story” is “Your Story”.  I am in my mid-fifties and my parents and Mother-in-Law are in their mid-80’s.  Both sets of parents live in an independent setting, but are struggling with failing mental and cognitive issues, declining physical abilities, and an increase in medical issues as they move into the sunset stage of their lives.  Our siblings are either still working or are not in a position to help out to the extent that our parents need, or frankly require, at this critical point in their lives.  As each of you are aware, especially the sibling who has taken on the primary role of caring for a parent or loved one, the demand on you mentally and physically is exhausting and extremely stressful.  It can take a toll on you as an individual and impact your family life in ways you never imagined.  We all want our parents and loved ones to be safe and secure in their own environment. An environment that is comforting, but most of all, one that is familiar to them.  They want independence, but need support mentally, emotionally and medically, even though they may not recognize the extent of the assistance they need and require.  This is what I call the 'ultimate struggle'.  It is with this level of emotion and a sense of duty to family that I began to understand that we, as a unique but typical family, were not alone in this quest to love and nurture our folks and provide them a respectful and dignified lifestyle in the last stages of their lives.  A stage that presents daily challenges to them and to family and friends, but also a stage that still has love, joy and fulfillment.  A stage in which they can still function in their own home, but gives us as family members serious cause for concern for their safety and well-being.  You should take comfort and find peace of mind knowing that there are good, qualified, respectful, and compassionate agencies out there to help you.  Your Daytime Daughter is that agency.  God speed to all of you in this situation, and I hope and pray that you find the right assistance for you and your family at this pivotal juncture in your family’s life.